Lester Williams " Bill " Tucker 

November 20, 1965 - April 8, 2005
A wonderful man of God who knew how to love, laugh and live.

Bill and Crystal Tucker

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Rest in peace 

midnightrose Posted 5/8/2005 11:33:28 PM

this morning bill passed away. he has spent the last few weeks making sure that he has followed God`s plan of salvation and that there was not any unforgiven sin in his life. he was ready to go and not in pain. my best friend, an emt, even tried cpr, but he went fast. he had peace.

i have friends and family surrounding me and taking care of me. i just wanted to let my online family be informed as well.


til we meet again, goodbye my bill

dodah Posted 5/8/2005 11:37:24 PM

slmlord Posted 5/8/2005 11:42:18 PM

Please take comfort knowing that he is in a far better place with the Lord. My prayers go out to you and your family. Be strong, you will see him again when Our Lord calls you to come home with Him. Vince.
ShadowHawk Posted 5/8/2005 11:44:52 PM

wilbur423 Posted 5/8/2005 11:48:52 PM

So sorry to hear this but he was ready to go and he will and does know now the peace that passes all understanding. I know you take much comfort in that. For a christain to go home is a homecoming in heaven. Much joy and no more pain is his final destination now and he will anxiously await his loved ones to join him. God bless you and keep you through this time of sadness in your life.
~Beach~ Posted 5/9/2005 12:08:50 AM

I am so sorry to hear about Bill. He will be missed by many many people. My prayers go out to you and your family. Be strong...God will take care of you.


PUFFED Posted 5/9/2005 12:56:14 AM

sending prayers
~ROSIE~ Posted 5/9/2005 1:22:17 AM

Oh midniterose, I`m so sorry to read this news. Bill was a treasure to chat with on the BV boards. He made me laugh many times with the things he said.

His  spirit will continue to be with you.

 Bill, you will be missed...


dreamgirl Posted 5/9/2005 1:23:23 AM

So sorry to hear that Bill has gone. I do know he`s happy and pain free now as I know you know also. God Bless you and Bill`s other loved ones as you go through this time of sorrow. My prayers are with you.

Lisalu Posted 5/9/2005 1:57:16 AM

I`m so very sorry to hear this.. 
My thoughts and prayers are with you during this most difficult time..

dfrazier18 Posted 5/9/2005 2:07:04 AM

I am so very sorry for your loss.
cuchi2003 Posted 5/9/2005 2:28:09 AM

midnightrose, I am sorry for your loss of such a good person and friend bill. My prayers are with his family and friends. Although I did not know Bill I got a sense from you that he was 1 in a million. Please take care of yourself midnightrose and remember bidville`s will be here for you in time of need or anytime for that matter. You really touched my heart, knowing he had the pleasure of having a friend like you. I know he is with god now in a better place. GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Necta
deena316 Posted 5/9/2005 6:01:03 AM

I`m so sorry for your loss. 
Babycakes Studio Posted 5/9/2005 6:11:44 AM

I am so sorry for your loss. 

Posted 5/9/2005 6:14:06 AM

bluebirdy Posted 5/9/2005 8:14:53 AM

Oh Crystal...my heart goes out to you, I am so sorry for your loss! I am glad that you are surrounded by family and friends. And Bill had your love to surround him, a wonderful gift in itself.

Hog Heaven Posted 5/9/2005 8:19:13 AM

My deepest sypathies to you and all who will miss Bill. I am glad to hear he is right with God and with God right now.
gertieb Posted 5/9/2005 8:37:17 AM

beadedgemlady Posted 5/9/2005 9:37:03 AM

iam so sorry for your loss 
katydid39 Posted 5/9/2005 10:01:06 AM

 I am so sorry to hear about Bill. Praise GOD for helping you through this. Your neighbor, Jayne
mommybird1 Posted 5/9/2005 10:07:40 AM


......... Mary
leathernlace4mom Posted 5/9/2005 10:19:44 AM

Hugs & prayers!!!!!

Snafu Posted 5/9/2005 10:48:16 AM

{{{Hugs}}} to you Crystal!
swill4538 Posted 5/9/2005 11:05:47 AM

Wandaleeh Posted 5/9/2005 11:12:40 AM

Sorry to hear this news you will be in my prayers 
ToyKing Posted 5/9/2005 11:14:11 AM

lcrewsart Posted 5/9/2005 11:19:31 AM

maggie2000 Posted 5/9/2005 11:23:08 AM




monas_mems Posted 5/9/2005 11:54:35 AM

alotofsparkle Posted 5/9/2005 12:01:08 PM

dcorbett Posted 5/9/2005 3:10:37 PM

Midnightrose, I am so sorry to hear of Bill`s passing, but only because we will all miss him. Did he get to read the book I sent? It was such a reassurance to me that I definitely wanted to share it with Bill.

I know he is rejoicing in Heaven because he trusted Jesus as his Savior and Jesus died for ALL our sins and ALL our sins, past present and future, were paid for on that cross on Calvary. When we accept Jesus as Savior, we are going to Heaven for sure, the Bible guarantees it.
We do sin again because we are human, we didn`t become perfect when we got saved... but we don`t have to ask for forgiveness over and over, those sins are paid for too. Bill did his best to walk as a Christian because he loved God PLUS he was a fine man. He IS IN GOD`S KINGDOM. I know that as sure as I know my own name.

With love
Debbie C

hollowcreekfarm Posted 5/9/2005 4:16:22 PM

I`m so sorry for your loss, Crystal. Mom and I have been thinking of you and Bill alot. Know that he is no longer in pain and is resting with his Father in Heaven. He was such a joy to know, he`ll always be in our hearts.

lamylouy Posted 5/9/2005 8:24:25 PM

Our prayers and blessings go out to you and your family for love, comfort, support and peace of mind.
Bill will be missed here.
Janie and Pat

Jeanne's Odds & Ends Posted 5/9/2005 8:34:51 PM

pjstrinkets Posted 5/9/2005 9:18:10 PM

My prayers to you and may the Angels carry him in a gentle breeze to God.

The Rookie-Man Posted 5/9/2005 10:14:50 PM

Good Nite Bill My Friend , You will be missed !

The Rookie-Man
*~Hum~* Posted 5/9/2005 10:16:01 PM

bdluvr Posted 5/10/2005 1:09:22 AM

I am so very sorry for your loss.
midnightrose Posted 5/10/2005 10:54:36 AM

thank you for all your kind responses. yes bill was 1 in a million. he never judged anyone for any reason although some never could get past his disabilities to get to know him. i will try to do my best to keep his website up http://www.tuckernetwork.net/ although i only learned a portion of the html he knew. feel free to sign the guestbook with your favorite memories of him and in the future i will been making a memorial webpage for him and would love to use your comments. be patient as i don`t find consistant time to approve entries.

thank you bidville community for enriching his life so much.


Mr&MrsBEE Posted 5/10/2005 12:58:55 PM

blessings of final peace to Bill as he now knows the meaning of all and rests in the kingdom of heaven. Our thoughts and prayers are extended to all those close to him.

midnightrose Posted 5/11/2005 10:22:50 AM

anyone who would like to come to the funeral is welcome.

visitation will be saturday morning 9am-11am with the funeral following, burial then the ladies of the church will have a luncheon.

the directions and address of the church are on this webpage http://frontpage.kconline.com/upc/.
i think i am also going to make a bidville board with the names of our all friends on it. i have gotten all the names in this thread plus some more. if you haven`t replied and would like your name on it, please sign in or email me.


ladoga Posted 5/11/2005 6:31:08 PM

Please know that this is very sad news. Take care of yourself and live with your wonderful memories.

Lorelei (ladago or lorerus)
dcorbett Posted 5/12/2005 9:18:43 AM

We had Wed. prayer meeting last night and I asked for prayer for you as you go through this difficult time.

With care and love in Christ,
Debbie C
BellasBargains Posted 5/12/2005 11:51:02 AM


I am just now reading this thread for the first time...I have not been online much since my surgery last week and I simply cannot express how truly sorry I am for your loss. 

I hope you are comforted as I am by the knowledge that Bill is now in heaven with Our Father and free from worry and pain. I am glad to hear he went peacefully.

As you already know, Bill was a very special person. I will always remember him for his kindness and humor and love for everyone.

I know he will be watching over us from heaven drinking Mt Dew! 

God bless Bill and may he rest in peace. 

Crystal, if I can be of any help to you, please don`t hesitate to email me. You will both be on my mind and in my prayers.

katydid39 Posted 5/10/2005 10:24:20 PM

I hope this is going to work. Bill`s obituary was in today`s paper.


Sorry I didn`t do to good of a job.

slmlord Posted 5/10/2005 11:00:40 PM

He was only 39 years old, what happened. I know we said prayers for him, but I thougth that he was an older gentleman. Wow, what a shock to me this is.
Babycakes Studio Posted 5/10/2005 11:19:40 PM

The article has a date stamp of 1/25/2005. Is this correct? Wow, I am shocked as well.

dcorbett Posted 5/10/2005 11:36:31 PM

cancer is a mighty force to be reckoned with...my Mother was a 2 time survivor, but it finally took her too.

Thanks for scanning and providing this to us.

Debbie C
katydid39 Posted 5/10/2005 11:41:20 PM

 The date is wrong. I forgot to set it. 
SKETER Posted 5/11/2005 12:57:36 AM

katydid39 Posted 5/11/2005 9:22:19 AM

katydid39 Posted 5/11/2005 11:53:06 AM


Hard to believe he was only 39!!

vunderbar Posted 5/11/2005 11:59:19 AM

The good die young so they say. Sure was true in this case.
lamylouy Posted 5/11/2005 1:55:10 PM

Thank you it was nice of you to post it.

He was a very funny and fun loving person.

midnightrose Posted 5/11/2005 1:59:47 PM

i found one in the bourbon paper and nappanee`s should come out tomorrow. this is about as clear as i could get it

yes he would have been 40 in november. so i guess that makes him 39 forever. it was only december when we found out he had cancer. april 19 was when we were told it had spread to the lungs. we were thinking months not weeks left. i`m still not sure what to do with hundreds of hotwheels and bb cards.

like i said, anyone is more than welcome to come saturday. you were all his family too.


pjstrinkets Posted 5/11/2005 2:06:34 PM

I`m still in shock Midnightrose, I`m crying here too, I really enjoyed reading his posts, he will be sorely missed. If I could I`d be there . Blessings to you through this difficult time.

ladoga Posted 5/11/2005 6:24:10 PM

My deepest sympathys to you Crystal.

I`ll be thinking of you.

vulture Posted 5/11/2005 6:27:15 PM

tandgmart Posted 5/12/2005 1:42:36 AM

 So Sorry for your loss 

BellasBargains Posted 5/12/2005 11:51:57 AM

Jeanne's Odds & Ends Posted 5/12/2005 1:07:27 PM

SKETER Posted 5/12/2005 2:16:58 PM

midnightrose Posted 5/16/2005 8:29:03 PM

although most of us were very tired, the funeral went well. i had tried to make it as much of bill than just about bill. we set up a laptop and had a cord coming out of each side and a picture of him on one side and me on the other. (we met on ICQ) i had an area that had his confederate flag, police cars and curious george. we made 3 large boards with tons of pictures and patches and the words to two of the songs done.

one was "if you could see me now". http://freespace.virgin.net/b.brunton/ifyoucould.html
the other was by the perry`s called "i will find you again".

there were sad moments when ppl cried and i my friend read my last entry in the journal we`ve been keeping and then there were fast songs that the congregation clapped to like "everybody will be happy over there".

a close friend talked about bill and his fascination with famous dave`s bbq and dislike of pink shirts on guys. everyone laughed. then told about how bill was like a cowboy. when the rodeo starts, they say cowboy up and the cowboy has a choice of whether to get on the bull or not. he talked about how bill got on the bull of cancer and rode it the full 8 seconds and won a crown. very fitting since behind the casket i had a home and garden pic of a cowboy kneeling by his horse praying.

we wept at the loss of a good friend and rejoiced that he made it home.

thank you for all your kind words and gestures. i took pics and will post how it was set up when i get the chance.


dreamgirl Posted 5/16/2005 8:42:46 PM

EllijayMom Posted 5/16/2005 8:51:02 PM

Sounds very fitting. Prayers for you and your family.


Posted 5/16/2005 9:19:18 PM

It`s deeply touching to know the details of Bills very fitting services, midnightrose. Thank you so much... I appreciate how hard this must be for you. I hope you`ll let me know if I can help in any way.



ToyKing Posted 5/17/2005 12:05:21 AM

May the good Lord be with you and your family at this time
SKETER Posted 5/17/2005 12:11:45 AM

mommybird1 Posted 5/17/2005 7:48:54 AM

Sorry, once again for your loss, Midnightrose 

....but I`m so glad to know the funeral went as well as it did..... It`s one of those real hard things. 

I know you are probably kind of out of it right now, but if you could somehow let me know how I can get my own copy of the picture of a cowboy kneeling in prayer aside his horse, I`d really appreciate it, as my husband was a praying cowboy too......

In fact, I had a few tough decisions because of it, such as whether to send him off with a blaring rendition of his favorite song despite the stodgy church people gathered. In the end, I went with it to comfort my children who said they all thought it most appropriate and comforting to them. The song: "Rodeo" done by Garth Brooks. He loved to blast that song through the building if the song ever came on the radio. 

Anyway, here are a few more cyber hugs, ....and prayer as you go on the journey....  Mary
vunderbar Posted 5/17/2005 12:54:18 PM

Really great that you took hold and personalized it. It is so easy to just let the funeral parlor plan it but then you end up with a carbon copy of thousands of others. I`m sure Bill was watching and appreciated it.
pjstrinkets Posted 5/17/2005 1:02:12 PM


monas_mems Posted 5/17/2005 2:23:42 PM

tandgmart Posted 5/17/2005 6:47:20 PM


AW2500 Posted 5/17/2005 7:03:31 PM

Really appreciated reading about Bill`s service. Sounds like you put a lot of thought and effort into it. The memories will resurface at different times and bring you some comfort. I know. Have been there, too.


Babycakes Studio Posted 5/18/2005 8:51:58 AM

monas_mems Posted 5/18/2005 9:04:23 AM

Ontime Posted 5/18/2005 9:15:23 AM

BellasBargains Posted 5/18/2005 10:00:11 AM

dcorbett Posted 5/18/2005 11:02:39 AM

I look forward to seeing the post of how it was set up.

With love
Debbie C
$$HILLBILLY$$ Posted 5/18/2005 1:09:03 PM

So sorry I just found this out today. bill was a great friend. My prayers & sympathies are greatly extended.

StarLightSail Posted 5/18/2005 1:11:32 PM

I feel deeply for you.. All of this has brought tears to my eyes..
bluebirdy Posted 5/18/2005 1:17:09 PM

SweetMom46 Posted 5/18/2005 4:15:48 PM

This is Beautiful Keeping you in my Prayers Always. 
weeminithings Posted 5/18/2005 7:50:19 PM

didnot know you but know loss you did well by yours
nursedi_1999 Posted 5/18/2005 9:54:11 PM

WOW, I am so sorry to hear all of this!! I don`t get online much anymore. He was such a sweet person. I remember when he helped my Granddaughter`s out at Xmas time!! I am so sorry midnightrose for posting so late, but I just found out. Prayers be with you and your family!! I am sorry for your loss! If you need someone to talk to please email me. Take care!

midnightrose Posted 5/19/2005 7:47:49 PM

i`m surprised at how much html i remembered from bill. this is just temporary. i will decorate and resize when i get time. here`s the pics from the funeral and how i set up boards.


and the words to the second song

I Will Find You Again
By Cindi Ballard, Wayne Haun and Joel Lindsey. Recorded by ďThe

I was there when you crossed over,
To the dying part of living.
I held your hand and slowly watched you go.
Oh, I know youíre someplace better,
Than what I can imagine.
But, I canít help the way I miss you so.

If I have to knock on every mansion door,
Walk miles of golden streets,
Search among a million saints,
That rest at Jesusí feet.
I will run along the jasper walls,
Call your name upon the wind.
I will find you again.

I would never be so selfish,
As to pray you back from heaven,
So I could have you longer here with me.
So Iíll cherish every memory,
ĎCause it helps me to remember,
That where you are is where Iím gonna be

Save a seat for me at the table beside you
And tell everyone that I am on my way
I will find you again.


~ROSIE~ Posted 5/19/2005 10:31:43 PM


The pics have red X`s and don`t show.

Are they hosted somewhere on the net?


dcorbett Posted 5/20/2005 12:51:40 AM

ditto, just red X`s instead of photos...

Debbie C
SKETER Posted 5/20/2005 1:27:33 AM

midnightrose Posted 5/20/2005 11:21:21 PM

ok ok, i`m not bill. you should be able to see something now. usually he walks me though everything and i drive him crazy.


hauntedonecat Posted 5/21/2005 12:37:09 AM

Rose, I am SO, SO sorry. I`ve been off the boards for quite awhile and had no idea......You are in my prayers, and I will so miss Bill....
dcorbett Posted 5/21/2005 3:02:34 AM

and yes, what you did, you fixed them to where we can see them, and wow, so much of Bill everywhere...thank you for sharing.

God is watching over you...

~ROSIE~ Posted 5/21/2005 4:52:56 AM


What a fond farewell you assembled for Bill. Thank you for letting us see. 

I know he loved you deeply just by seeing the look in his eyes in those pics.

May God be by your side as you awake each new day. 


vulture Posted 5/21/2005 4:58:06 AM



My deepest condolences well wishes for you. Bill will be missed very much by all whom knew him. JB

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12 May 2005


Crystal, Prayers being said for you and yours. Bill had sparkle and could light up the BidVille Cafe with his posts! ~ROSIE~ from BidVille

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12 May 2005


You were a kind soul Bill and will be missed. Janie and Pat aka lamylouy

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13 May 2005


Terribly sorry for your loss. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

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13 May 2005


May God Bless and Keep Bill's Soul and comfort his loved ones. jo (dreamgirl) at BidVille

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13 May 2005


So sorry for your loss! Take Care & God Bless! Terry (tandgmart)

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14 May 2005


I was reminded of this song and feel that it speaks for all who knew Bill. koinoniangreek aka koin 

Michael W. Smith ó Friends LyricsWords:deborah d. smith
Music: michael w. smith

Packing up the dreams God planted
In the fertile soil of you
Canít believe the hopes heís granted
Means a chapter in your life is through
But weíll keep you close as always
It wonít even seem youíve gone
ícause our hearts in big and small ways
Will keep the love that keeps us strong

And friends are friends forever
If the lordís the lord of them
And a friend will not say never
ícause the welcome will not end
Though itís hard to let you go
In the fatherís hands we know
That a lifetimeís not too long to live as friends.

With the faith and love godís given
Springing from the hope we know
We will pray the joy youíll live in
Is the strength that now you show

But weíll keep you close as always
It wonít even seem youíve gone
ícause our hearts in big and small ways
Will keep the love that keeps us strong

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15 May 2005


Deepest condolences to you and yours

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15 May 2005


I always enjoyed reading your posts about your kitty's Bill. ~Rest in Peace~ Lisa B AKA CuFF

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15 May 2005


Rest in peace dear Bill. You will be greatly missed. May God's blessing guide you Crystal through. ~Beach~ aka Marilyn

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16 May 2005



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19 May 2005


I am so sorry to learn of Bill's passing to the other wonderful side. I have been gone from Bidville since March 18. May the Great Spirt give you comfort and peace knowing that he is still with you just across the divide. Blessings Cliff and Peggy Woolfork